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Adventures of a Cardboard Box

Last week I went to watch a movie with a friend. Before the previews, this video short came on the screen. There was no sound but it quickly captivated my attention. At the end, I found myself holding back tears and thought, “well, that was worth it even if the main movie is no good!” I can feel my heart sort of fill up again just remembering the experience. For some reason this little video captured a part of me and made an impression. It has been floating around in the back of my head and I want to share it with you all today.

There is something about the honest simplicity of the storyline that calls to my soul. It really is the little things in life that keep us going. It is our ability to play, to imagine, to create, and love that makes life worthwhile. It has me thinking, what would my life look like if I allowed myself to play and create with as much wild abandon as this little boy does with his box? The thought makes me smile. Let me know below what impressions the video makes on you!

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Comments on: "Adventures of a Cardboard Box" (7)

  1. I want to be a kid again! Free and unlimited. This touched my tender heart. Thank you for re-connecting me to that place again.

  2. Wow – thanks for sharing this Martha! I thought of the expression “think outside the box” but this give me an new way of thinking, a new analogy that I like better…. “think what you can do with the box” Meaning, use what you have, the skills, the resources, the knowledge, everything that you have right in front of you and get to it and create something new and exciting with it! Thanks for the little dose of inspiration!

  3. Fiona, I love that! What can you do with the box? I’m going to think on that myself…

  4. What I think is… I’m going to find myself a box!

    I think this touched a very deep chord in me somewhere. When I was a baby my parents used to carry me around in a cardboard box which apparently I loved! They took me to the beach in it, everywhere. It had a black line around the inside of it which I could stare at endlessly. Watching this I felt like a part of me remembers and it felt so nice.

    Excuse me while I go look for a box!

  5. Oooh, so sad. His playmate got run over by a car. So careless of the driver!

    This reminded me a lot of my girls and the hours that they have spent playing with cardboard boxes too. Children have such wonderful imaginations. If only we allowed ourselves the same freedom to follow our imagination and pursue our dreams each and every moment.

  6. Martha, what a cool video and post. I got the biggest chuckle when he shot the arrow at the beginning of the video and as I kept watching it I was thinking “man could my inner child have a field day with these people” and then I actually got a little sad because I thought of how I became like a little adult when I was very small and I thought of how many magical opportunities I might have missed out on because of it. So I tapped a little and it got me thinking of all the ways I let myself play now and how fun that is for my inner child and grown up me too – thanks for touching my heart :).

  7. It made my heart happy, joyful, full, sad, empty, grateful.

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