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Arriving HERE NOW

I have really been pushing myself the last several months. I’m pushing to up-level my life–my money, my business, my relationships, myself. I’m reaching and striving towards great and exciting goals. I’m working hard, every minute is full.

I’m burnt out.

I started hitting a wall two weeks ago and finally found myself flat on my face over the weekend. This nose dive made me start thinking about something. I’m doing all this reaching, all this striving, all this energy towards getting to the next, new, exciting, expansive point, which is an incredible thing to be doing. However, I’m so busy reaching, I’m forgetting to fully arrive where I am first. The point that I am at RIGHT NOW, was one of those new, exciting, expansive points I was striving and working so hard for only months ago; I’ve forgotten to allow myself to arrive HERE, NOW and enjoy my results for a hot minute before moving on.

My practice over the last few days has been to intentionally remove all those future goals out of my life filter for at least part of my day. Without those goals in my filter, I then look around at my life and let myself enjoy what I see. I allowed myself to use my free time in different ways–instead of working on my future business plan, or my website or personal processing, I took a nap, watched TV…lived my life as if THIS was it–as if I was already at where I was going. And I’ve been enjoying it.

Here is the best part. After the last few days of giving myself permission to arrive HERE NOW and sit with the possibility that this, my life as it is now, is good enough…that little spark of motivation to be more, share more, live larger is starting to return. In allowing myself to say a temporary “no” to all the reaching, striving, and dream chasing, I’ve actually allowed myself to start reconnecting with the part of me that wants to choose that path of expansion every day. Whew! It hasn’t disappeared!

So, for the next week, I challenge you to let yourself arrive exactly where you are now. Enjoy all the wonderful bits of life as it is NOW…then see where that little spark starts to pull you next…

I see YOU,


Comments on: "Arriving HERE NOW" (5)

  1. Martha, you are an excellent writer and I feel you wrote this blog post personally for me! Thank you! While reading it, I got teary eyed, which means, pay attention there’s wisdom here for you. Aaaahhhhh, I am stopping what I’m doing and going to read a book, cause that’s really what I want to be doing right now. Big hugs to you and thank you for your sharing and inspiration! xoxo -Mary

  2. This speaks to me at this exact time. This is a timely post. I am honouring myself…be just doing…nothing. This feels so good. Thank you for ‘seeing me’ I feel seen and heard and it feels wonderful. ❤

  3. Okay, that’s it: it’s Friday night and your beautiful message was exactly what I need to close shop for the day and go enjoy my husband, who brought me roses yesterday. Thank you, Martha. Here’s to enjoying NOW. Ha! You’ve got me smiling. xo, Marilyn

  4. What a wonderful way you have with words. This is exactly what I did in the weekend and I seemed to get more done without even trying. And I had heaps of time to do the non-productive things that feed my soul. Thanks so much for your advice – it is worthy of a gold medal.

  5. It’s over two weeks later and I’m reading your post and it’s exactly what I need to read right now. Your words have a way of sooting my soul!

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