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That Inner Knowing…

The last 10 days or so I’ve been walking around with a vague sense of “something just isn’t right.” I kept pushing it to the back, explaining it away, blaming it on something else. I’d do some internal searching, say, “ah-ha! I found the core of the issue!” and then feel better. Then a few hours or a day later, that vague feeling would come creeping back in. I have a lot going on in my life right now, so finding an excuse for this low-grade feeling of malaise was easy to do.

This afternoon though, I’d had about enough of it! I was starting to get annoyed and angry that this bleepty, bleep, bleep THING wouldn’t go away!! Something about it was stifling my motivation, minimizing my productivity and basically making me feel blah. After another round of soul searching, clarity finally came. Guess what that THING was that wouldn’t go away? My intuition! Trying to tell me that something in my life was out of alignment.

At first, I started to be annoyed that it had taken me so long to see this. Then, I realized this system of inner knowingness and intuition is absolutely brilliant! Why? Because I have a built in alarm system for when I am acting out of integrity with myself! The only trick is learning to love, listen and trust it…

Intuition is often vague, illogical, doesn’t answer all the questions and can fly directly in the face of what others are telling you or advising you to do. For this reason, living a life guided by this inner knowing takes a lot of self trust. Here is the catch. I will be the first to admit that I run short on self-trust at times. Especially when there are so many wonderful experts out there in the world just dying to help me make the right decision, sell the right packages, take the right class, read the right book, go the right event, build the right webpage…it’s easier to trust others sometimes than myself. That way, if the outcome is not what I want it to be, I can blame them, rather then myself. It is a backhanded way of abdicating responsibility for my life, which, ironically, is not something I believe in doing.

For the next several days, I will be checking in with my inner guidance system more frequently, consciously choosing to trust myself (more) if I need to! I challenge you to join me. See if you can pay closer attention to your unique flavor of intuition, whatever it may be. Share with me below what you discover!

I see YOU,



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  1. It’s only this year that I’ve really, really took the time to tune in with myself. Trusting myself…haha…I trusted the words of others for years…I so discounted myself. I am sad to know how much I put everyone else first and me last. Not no more. Thanks for the beautiful, deep post. Reminds me to keep up with…ME.

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